About SavvyCook

No time to cook? Too busy? New parent? Convalescing? Or just need a helping hand to get your healthy eating habits back on track?

No time to cook?

SavvyCook is London’s favourite meal delivery and kitchen-keeping service.

We love food:  creating delicious but nutritious menus,  dreaming up new flavour combinations and shopping for fresh ingredients which we then lovingly prepare – so you don’t have to.  

Miss out the menu planning, the shopping and the chopping. Enjoy 15 minutes of cooking and then sit down to a great tasting, freshly prepared meal – every day of the week.

Savvy van on a street near you!

The bespoke kitchen-keeping service provides you with an invisible cook who makes sure that your kitchen is stocked twice weekly with everything you’ll need to eat well; ready-to-cook meals, breakfast pots, freshly baked bread, milk, seasonal fruit and ingredients for a laid-back weekend brunch.

It is the savvy alternative for busy people who want convenience without compromising taste and nutrition.

Get your food life sorted and the rest will fall into place!

For more info visit our website www.savvycook.co.uk or e-mail us at info@savvycook.co.uk

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