SavvyCook. Keeper of the kitchen. Invisible chef. Fuss-free wife.

“Not having to plan, shop for, and prepare my own meals is brilliant. It really takes the stress off your plate! Portions are generous and the meals are healthy, convenient and tasty. I highly recommend it when you are working & playing hard”.

SavvyCook’s kitchen-keeping service provides you with an invisible chef who makes sure that your kitchen is stocked with everything you need to keep, or get, your healthy eating habits on track.

Meal planning, shopping & chopping are all taken care of.

 On a weekly basis Savvy Cook supplies

 5 ready-to-cook dinners 

The menu changes every week and is published here on SavvyCook’s blog on Friday Very simple cooking instructions accompany every meal.

5 breakfasts (e.g. fruit compote with live natural yoghurt + home-made granola  or fruity porridge  + our own super seed mixture)

5 delicious but nutritious desserts OR energy boosting snacks

 The ingredients for a weekend brunch (e.g. Parma ham or bacon, vine tomatoes, field mushrooms or smoked salmon + watercress, free-range organic eggs, muffins/loaf cake)


 Fresh bread, milk, fresh juice, seasonal fruit, fresh mint


 A top-up of basic groceries (such as tea, coffee, butter, olive oil, marmalade/jam/honey, mustard, pepper/salt etc.) as required.


Full service described above £ 200 per person per week. £375 for 2 people at the same address.

 The grocery start-up pack costs £ 95 which includes a top-up of the groceries as required.

No breakfast or no dinner on request. 

Want to be savvy too?

  1. contact SavvyCook
  2. we’ll meet or contact you to discuss the finer details
  3. start the week after


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