Fragrant, seductive & elegant Valentine’s Day menu

Sweets for my sweet ...

Love it ….. or don’t love it, it’s Valentine’s Day on Monday!

If nothing else, it’s an opportunity to make a certain person feel special, be kind to ourselves and practice a bit of self-love,  spend time with loving people or …  simply eat delicious food!

Rose & orange blossom dark chocolate Smyrna figs stuffed with almonds

This is what’ll be cooking chez nous:

Griddled haloumi with chicory and pomegranate


Braised cod cheeks with walnut dukkah and sumac onions

Zesty, herby bulghur wheat


Mini ginger & rhubarb Pavlovas

 And these moreish stuffed figs to nibble on with an espresso or verveine (depending on how full we are!).

Made with love xxx

And remember, love is contagious!

Happy Valentine’s Day & bon appetit,

Monique x

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