(S)quids in!

Cornish squid, simply griddled, with rosemary baked Anya potatoes

This was a supper fit for a king!

Cornish squid, marinated for 10 minutes or so in olive oil, sea salt, freshly ground black pepper + oregano, the griddled over high heat for about 2 minutes on each side.

I score the bodies of the squid lightly first, making a cross pattern with a very sharp knife, so the flavours get into the fish. It also stops it from curling up on the griddle.

We ate this with Anya potatoes roasted in a hot oven for 20 minutes with rosemary, salt & pepper and a slick of olive oil.

Dinner a deux

All this needed was a simple summer salad with Kalamata olives, little gem, watercress, cucumber and a few of those amazing looking, and tasting, tiger tomatoes.

In hindsight, I could have made some aioli to go with it perhaps? But it was a delicious, and quick and easy, supper as it was.

In case you want to make aioli, it’s worth making in a reasonable quantity. The remainder keeps, stored in a clean jar in the fridge, for a few days and is lovely as a dip with raw vegetables or smeared on a sandwich with some leftover cold roast chicken and a few green leaves.

The recipe is from one of my favourite cook books, written by the controversial former mayor of Nice Jean Medecin:la Cuisine du comte de Nice”.

I lived in Nice for a while, many moons ago, and love the city, its location by the sea but also close to the mountains and its cuisine which is a mixture of French and Italian.

One thing I never got the hang off is the Nicois dialect, but I do enjoy the fact that every recipe in the cookbook is described first in Nicois and then in French.

L’aioli” is the same in both, but for example “la sauce” is “la saoussa“, “le” is “lou” so “le pistou” becomes “lou pistou”, “le veloute de feves” (cream of broad bean soup) becomes “lou velutat de fava”.

I think it sounds very appealing!

This is what you need:

for 8-10 portions

10-15 cloves of garlic

1 raw egg yolk

1 yolk from a hard-boiled egg

1l olive oil


This is what you do:

  1. peel the garlic, remove the green shoot by slicing the cloves in half
  2. pound to a paste in a pestle + mortar
  3. add the raw egg yolk then the hard-boiled yolk, combining the ingredients as you go
  4. add a bit of salt, not too much, just a pinch
  5. drop by drop, add the olive oil, incorporating every drop of oil before you add more
  6. if, once you have added all the oil, you find the consistency of the aioli too thick you can add 1 – 2 tbsp of luke warm water to loosen it a little

Summer salad with tiger toms

I left am wondering whether squid, bodies and tentacles, would be a step too far for Savvy eaters?




4 responses to “(S)quids in!

  1. Yum yum looks scrumptious! Don’t give all your secrets away, you know who will be reading it and then writing about it!

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