Grandad Bob’s horseradish vodka recipe

I love receiving people’s own recipes and tried and tested family recipes.

The whole idea of sharing knowledge, passing on wisdom, provenance and tradition is what really appeals to me.

This recipe, provided by Leonid from the glamorous BobBobRicard “diner deluxe”, is no exception.

It looks lethal, and in large quantities I am sure it is, but I urge you to give it a try: I have and the flavour is amazing!

If you can find the right bottle, it would make a great (housewarming?) gift too.

Grandad Bob’s horseradish vodka

This is what you need:

1 litre Russian vodka (40% alcohol)

300g fresh horseradish roots, peeled and cut into 4 lengthways

1 clove

1 black pepper corn

1 allspice pepper corn

1.5cm chunk of cinnamon bark

1/3 tsp wild honey

This is what you do:

  1. dry the horseradish root pieces with a piece of paper kitchen towel
  2. crush the clove, peppercorns and piece of cinnamon bark
  3. put everything into a glass bottle and top up with the vodka
  4. don’t use more honey than indicated or the vodka will go cloudy
  5. let the vodka infuse for 5 days, tasting to check on progress on day 3
  6. much will depend on the strength of the horseradish roots
  7. don’t over-infuse as the vodka will start to taste bitter and harsh
  8. strain the vodka into a clean bottle

For a more leisurely method, scrub the roots clean but do not peel and don’t crush the spices. Add everything to a glass bottle, pour the vodka over the spices and infuse at room temperature for at least 3 months. Store without removing the spices.

According to Leonid, this is brilliant with crunchy, tangy malosol cucumbers (on the menu at BobBobRicard and recipe below if you fancy pickling your own). 

Not sure why pickled cucumbers are mentioned on the same page as tips on how to lose weight?




2 responses to “Grandad Bob’s horseradish vodka recipe

  1. very good very good a photo shoot and interview… Savvy Cook is getting out there and becoming known! Well done Monique.

    Here Alan and I are interviewing for a new couple housekeeper and farm manager and the process is fascinating and absorbing….by the end of tomorrow the 6 interviews will be completed and we can make our choice.

    love from Sarahx

    • Yes, the photoshoot should be a good thing – looking forward to it although I know it means setting aside pretty much the whole day which is less appealing. I am very interested to hear about your experience of interviewing new team members – had no idea that you were recruiting. Hope it has gone well by the time you read this. Mx

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