The Big Treat & SavvyCook’s cupboard

Andy Puddicombe from HeadSpace talking about meditation


If you did not get the chance to come to The Big Treat, here’s a glimpse of the event. 

Thank you to all the lovely peeps and Tweeps, new faces and old friends, who visited!   

I was great to see you: I hope you enjoyed it and got something out of it.   

SavvyCook's cupboard


I also want to thank the lovely people at Sainsbury’s, in particular Tracey Anderson in Judith Batchelar’s team and Verity Bradley, Home Economist at the Food & Innovation Centre, who kindly supplied the ingredients for SavvyCook’s cupboard.   

Despite feeling pretty knackered when I woke up on Sunday (and whilst getting ready for The Big Lunch) I am really glad that SavvyCook was involved.   

The event gave me new insights into what stops people from cooking and judging by the e-mails I have received so far the first chapter of SavvyCook’s “Learn to Love your Kitchen” guide has been very well received.   

Thanks to Andy Gibson, Head Gardener at MindApples  (who along with myself is a founding member of The Future 500’s Future Health Group – a collaboration between CVFT500 members) for taking the bull by the horns and putting MindApples forward to be the event organisers.   

We’d had been talking  for a while (more like 18 months probably!) about creating a platform to share our views of what it means to be (and keep) healthy by looking after our bodies as well as our minds.   

The Future Health Group’s vision for the future   

“Health will be based on science, but shaped by arts; health will be about the health of society and the environment, not just individuals. It will be more about prevention and offered by a wider range of agents.”   

It wasn’t until Delphine Reynaud, the network Director at Courvoisier, suggested Future Health take part in their summer event, that the idea for The Big Treat, an event to encourage people to treat themselves better, began to take root properly.   

So thank you to Andy and particularly Hege Saebjornsen (Andy’s colleague at MindApples) for pulling it and us all together!   

Savvy treats


You can picnic under the MindApples tree and meet the MindApples team later this week at The Secret Garden Party 22-25th of July.   

SavvyCook’s tips, lists and thoughts on   

how to keep a well-stocked larder, fridge and freezer, and    

how to choose fresh ingredients for delicious, no-fuss meals cooked from scratch   

can be down-loaded from last week’s blog post “how to be a savvy shopper & a clever cook“.   

Time, we’ve got so little of it. It makes sense to make clever use if it! And cooking fresh meals from scratch does not need to be time-consuming or complicated.   



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