Butterfly explorer

Spectacular butterflies ...


I took these pics last week at the Butterfly Explorer exhibition at the National History Museum in South Kensington. 

Although primarily intended for children (but hey, I am a child at heart!) I really enjoyed the visit. 

Diverse habitats and more spectacular butterflies


The museum has created a pavillion on the East lawn which houses live butterflies that fly around freely … and land your shoulder if you are lucky. 

I don’t often see butterflies in London and remember seeing really only a handful of species in childhood. 

Well, this is something else! The buterflies are truly exotic + huge. 

They are imported (as pupae) from various countries around the world and hatched in a special room, then released into the exhibition. 

The "hatchery"


More chrysalis ready to pop


Do go + visit (borrow a child if you must), the exhibition runs till the 26th of September. 

Remember to dress in layers that are easy to peel off : it is very hot + humid inside the pavillion. 

But don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to get close-up and personal with these amazing, exotic creatures + enjoy! 



4 responses to “Butterfly explorer

  1. carry borst van rijn

    goed geslaagde foto’s; leuke herinnering

    • Hi, ja leuke fotos: het verbaasd me hoe goed de kleuren en details van de vlinders overkomen. De exhibition loopt tot 26/9 en ik hoop dat mijn korte verslag mensen aanmoedigd om het National History Museum te bezoeken. Mx

  2. Some lovely shots, looks like you had fun there

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