Ban the Supermarket Challenge

Ban the Supermarket Challenge

Join me and avoid buying fresh foods from the big 4 for one  month!

This is why you should:

It’s about

  • supporting local retailers, making shopping much more of a family and community experience
  • re-connecting with local producers of good honest food, paying attention to the massive influx of imports and avoiding them
  • forcing us all to really consider the broader farming issues behind our previously all-too-easily purchased products
  • raising awareness of the need to collectively ‘do our bit’ for the country’s ‘carbon footprint’

 And … it is about stripping away the convenience, ease (and let’s be honest, the laziness) of food-shopping.

Come on, you know it makes sense and it with longer, warmer days and an abundance of fresh fruit + veg around it won’t be as difficult as you may think.

I’ll be charting our family’s progress here and share my experience and tips on how to make shopping locally easier.

Here’s to looking local!



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