Lemon & almond cake

Lemon & almond cake

Deliciously easy!   

This cake contains eggs + yoghurt, but no butter. The semolina and ground almonds give the cake a really pleasing texture.   

Perfect with a cup of tea (Lady Grey) … or could serve as a pudding with creme fraiche perked up with some lemon zest and a drop of Limoncello.   

Lemon & almond cake


This is what you need:   

200g granulated sugar   

3 large free range eggs   

50ml rapeseed oil (or sunflower oil)   

200g natural bio yoghurt   

150g semolina   

50g grounds almonds   

150g plain flour   

1 tsp baking powder   

finely grated zest of 1 1/2 lemons   

handful of toasted, flaked almonds (toast in dry, hot frying pan for a couple of minutes – watch out: they’ll burn quickly!)   

This is what you do:   

1. pre-heat the oven to 180C/gas 4   

2. lightly oil a rectangular brownie (or other cake) tin, c25 x 15cm, and line with greaseproof paper  

3. in a large bowl mix the eggs, oil, sugar, yoghurt, semolina and ground almonds  

4. add the lemon zest   

5. sift in the flour + baking powder and gently mix with a spatula   

6. pour the mixture into the tin and level the surface   

7. sprinkle evenly with the flaked almonds   

8. bake for c25 minutes or until risen, golden and the top feels firm   

9. let the cake cool before cutting into 12 squares   

Do send me your comments (and a picture of you tucking into the finished article…) if you are going to bake this cake!   

Happy baking!   


4 responses to “Lemon & almond cake

  1. God damn that carrot cake tastes good. Will save the beetroot cake for desert tonight!

    • Glad you enjoyed the carrot cake: I thought it would have benefitted from a some orange zest and perhaps more assertive spicing? I agree, the beetroot cake is more of a pudding cake – delish with a blob of creme fraiche mixed with some Grand Marnier… Monique

  2. We’ve never had anything from our Savvy Cook that has lasted more than a day before it disappears. The lemon and almond cake was perhaps one of the fastest off its plate. I have to get home early from work to catch a slice of this beauty or I’m left licking the creme fraiche bowl for the hints of lemon zest and Limoncello.

    • Good to hear that the lemon cake went down a treat – and it is so quick + simple to make. The recipe is on the blog, give it a go on Saturday morning. It makes the house smell lovely too!

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