Dinner menu week commencing 10th of May

Dinner made easy and more delicious…meal planning, shopping and chopping are taken care of.

All dishes are ready-to-cook: enjoy 15 minutes of cooking and then sit down to a great tasting, freshly prepared meal – every day of the week!


Lime & mint fish fillets with cucumber basmati rice, sesame seeds and edamame beans


Baked buttermilk chicken with a herb crust (healthy “chicken nuggets” by another name), creamy honey & mustard sauce, green beans and Anya potatoes


Oven-baked chestnut mushroom and asparagus risotto, poached duck egg & Parmesan


Roast salmon fillet, herby Puy lentils, wilted spinach and yoghurt dressing


Veal, sage & lemon cannelloni with a chunky tomato sauce, watercress salad

2 responses to “Dinner menu week commencing 10th of May

  1. hi Monique, re. what you say about gyms. It depends on the gym….the one I am thinking of joining is set in a 17th century country house with acres of footpaths and trails and woods and also tennis courts set around it, so you can get outside and get muddy and then come in for a warm jacuzzi or a dance afterwards. And that, especially in snowy winter, seems to me the best of both worlds! love from Sarah

    • I simply fell out of love with the gym I was a member of after it was taken over by a large, national organisation. The place you are describing sounds lovely, but I simply do not have the time to use all the facilities: all I am after is a challenging strength + endurance workout in the shortest possible time. For Pilates + yoga I have joined pay-as-you-go classes locally. We’ll see how it goes: for now I feel re-motivated and really enjoy the change of scenery. M

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