Dinner made deliciously easy…

Here’s what cooking in Savvy Cook’s kitchen week commencing 3rd of May….

Not quite BBQ weather yet, so we’ll play safe and rely on the oven. As the weather warms up and becomes more reliably sunny, we’ll include some dishes that can be prepared outside.

Want to be involved in developing Savvy Cook’s summer menu? Suggestions + ideas welcome! We’ll have a big cook-off and tasting session towards the end of May.



Baked chermoula salmon with sweet roast pepper, lemon & mint couscous


Greek style chicken fillets with a zesty Feta topping, rice and green beans


Plaice fillets with tapenade & tomatoes, wilted spinach and new potatoes


Polenta and Parmesan cakes, roast cherry tomatoes and fresh pesto


Baked trout on rosemary roast potatoes, horseradish-walnut creme fraiche, beetroot salad

If I may say so myself: yum – yum -yummy!


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