Next week’s dinner menu…


Crab cakes with red pepper dressing, Charlotte potatoes and watercress salad


Sticky lemon and ginger chicken, basmati rice and green beans


Oven baked chestnut mushroom and asparagus risotto, poached egg and Parmesan


Chilli tofu, sweet potato and soba noodles in a coconut coriander broth


Baked lamb koftas, balsamic roast tomatoes, tzatziki and rice

2 responses to “Next week’s dinner menu…

  1. hi Monique, when you say that having the same 5 fruits and veg each day doesn’t cut it (to one of your Twitter correspondents)….how about this: I/sometimes we have at least 14 different vegetables fruits and herbs each day (small portions only of some of them), with a lot of seasonal variety too. The veg drawer (large and clear plastic) at bottom of our fridge is a lovely sight with all the different colours shapes and textures. Right now asparagus edging in with green beans and peas. Pea shoots are going to be wonderful this summer. Swede and parsnip and brussels sprouts almost ‘ago’ for another year….though they have been thoroughly loved all of this past cold winter 2009 10!. love from Sarahx

    • Hi Sarah, Gosh, 14 portions of fruit + veg is a lot. A big “tick” for variety and eating seasonally there! That’s great. I am not a nutritionist, but I guess that large quantities of fruit & veg could compromise a balanced intake of all the macro nutrients (especially protein, fat and complex carbs) + some minerals not found in fruit in veg as well as adequate calorie intake, because the bulk of it will make you feel (too) full. Also, I guess you could easily consume too many acidic foods which can’t be good for the gut. I will sound out @nutrutionguru1 one of @savvycook’s followers on Twitter and let you know what her views are. Mx

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