Tiger tomatoes

Came across these amazing tomatoes at Cowdray Park Farmshop http://www.cowdrayfarmshop.co.uk/ the other day.

I was really excited to hear that a new farm, worked on traditional farming principles and open to schools and the public, will be created within the boundary of Cowdray Park. The farm is being developed in partnership with Natural England and will be operated by Cowdray Home Farms, for the benefit of children and adults, as a working example of farming techniques, countryside stewardship and environmental management.

Back to the tomatoes!

The pics don’t really do them justice, but the small round ones on the vine have very distinctive stripes: green on a red background.

I call them “tiger tomatoes” but I am sure that is not their proper name.

San Manzano midi pepper plum + tiger tomatoes

Orange San Manzano midi pepper plum + tiger tomatoes

The other ones are called “orange San Manzano midi pepper plum”.

Both have a mild, sweet flavour, ideal for adding “wow” to salads and the San Manzanos for roasting as well.

The vine ones turn a kind of overall black when exposed to heat, so really are best eaten raw to maximise the impact of their unusual colouring.



2 responses to “Tiger tomatoes

  1. Jess Latchford

    Hi Monique, I went to a tomato farm yesterday where they had these growing on the vines. Was an amazing sight and quite an education!! They had loads of other varieties too, so much fun. Glad you appreciate them too!

    • Hi Jess, what a coincidence! The toms in the pictures were bought at Cowdray Park farmshop…and may well have been grown by the producer you visited? They brightened up a few salads (much needed at this time of year when we are on the cusp of the first spring veg becoming available) + provided a talking point amongst (foodie) friends. Best, Monique

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