The 4 most horrible foods

Here are 4 foods which I can not bring myself to eat.

Call me a sissy, narrow minded, a coward, unenlightened – I don’t care!

Casu marzu cheese

Casu marzu, or rotten cheese is a type of Pecorino cheese from Sardinia. What makes this cheese different from others is the added ingredient of maggots. Cheese flies are allowed to lay their eggs in the cheese. The maggots that hatch then help the cheese to ferment to create that special casu marzu flavour. Those rule-mad European bureaucrats have deemed casu marzu not hygienic and so it cannot be sold legally in Sardinia, meaning that if you do want to sample some of this maggoty cheese, you’ll have to track it down on the black market. If you want to try it out, make sure to eat it before the maggots die—if even the maggots haven’t survived in the cheese, then there could be trouble. But watch out, the larvae are known to jump out of the cheese, so you need to shield your eyes while eating it.

Black pudding

The name might make it sound like a dark chocolaty delight that any vegetarian would be happy to tuck into, but black pudding—essentially a blood sausage—is a far cry from a dessert. Along with blood, pudding ingredients include pork fat, oatmeal, onions, pepper and herbs, all stuffed into a sausage casing. White pudding is a similar creature, but without the blood, and red pudding is a Scottish delight made from bacon, pork, fat and colouring, among other things.

Kopi luwak coffee

Kopi luwak, from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Timor-Leste, is a type of coffee that gains its distinctive flavour thanks to the beans having been digested by an Asian palm civet before they make it into your brew. The civet eats coffee berries, and while the beans pass through its digestive system they undergo a process that is said to remove the typically bitter taste of other coffees, leaving a sweeter and expensive bean.

Hundred-year eggs

A hundred-year egg, popular in China is created by taking a normal egg and coating it in lime, ashes, and salt before burying it for a few months. When the egg is dug up, its yolk will have become greenish-black, while the albumen, formerly white, will now be dark brown in colour.

What foods do you draw the line at?

2 responses to “The 4 most horrible foods

  1. Black Puddings are delicious! You should try them – preferably made in Bury in England. We serve them regularly for breakfast at our Bed & Breakfast. Other things you might like to try – Herring Milts (i.e. Herring Sperm) on toast. Better than roe. And Barnacles. I brought a pound of those back from Barcelona yesterday. Funnily enough, my wife won’t serve them up as starters for a dinner party on Sunday.

    • Hi David, thanks for your note. I shall look out for “herring milts”! Did you share the barnacles with your dinner guests? I served stuffed squid once (a delish recipe from Moro) to friends who said they ate everything, but realised very quickly that it was not the best choice for a dinner party where, by and large, I think you don’t want the food to be too challenging. Best, Monique

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