Women’s Food & Farming Union setting up London branch

Look Local … London!

Are you a “city” person looking to reconnect with a better, healthier, more sustainable way of life?

Then …consider joining Britain’s most-cherished and renowned voluntary organisation for women (and men!) who share a passionate concern for farming, the country, food sustainability, quality & local produce, time-honoured rural ways and traditions.

On Friday, March 12th, the Women’s Farming Union will hold a general interest meeting for anyone who lives and works in London and is interested in joining the new LONDON BRANCH.

The meeting will be held at the Farmer’s Club (3 Whitehall) and will begin promptly at 6:00pm.

Lady Sara Apsley will be named the official WFU London Branch Spokeswoman during a special ceremony.

For details about how you can become involved with this new WFU branch, and to be placed on the advance membership list, simply send an E-mailto your chapter organiser, Sarah Chase:


About The Women’s Farming Union

Founded in 1979 with branches across the UK the Women’s Food & Farming Union (WFU), is committed to promoting an understanding of quality British produce

For more than 30-years the WFU has been the active voice and driving force behind many of the UK’s most visible food-strategy campaigns, including the new “Look Local” campaign. 

It is made up of branches in England, Scotland and Wales the primary aim of the WFU is to link producer and consumer, this is achieved by women working together with a common aim.

New branches of the WFU are forming across the country and everyone is encouraged to become involved with the WFU in order to discover the importance of linking consumer habits with improved health and living, food sustainability and better British produce

The WFU’s strength lies in the fact that it is the only organisation committed to:

    * Promoting demand for British produce.

    * Encouraging farmers and growers to practise better marketing.

    * Ensuring British produce is available and well promoted.

    * Lobbying against unfair competition.

The Women’s Farming Union, which has launched a massive UK-wide “Look Local” campaign to reinforce the vital importance of purchasing local produce in order to support British agriculture, farming, local communities and food sustainability has a passionate new voice in chic, savvy businesswoman turned WFU campaigner, Lady Sara Apsley.

 Lady Apsley will become the official spokeswoman for the WFU’s new London Branch, at a formal ceremony, open to the public, which will be held on Friday, 12 March at the Farmer’s Club in London.

“The WFU has always been a vital link between the British farmer and the consumer.  I am thoroughly dedicated to educating those in urban areas, especially children, about farming, where food comes from and why the rural world is so vital to all our lives,” said Lady Apsley from her home on the Cirencester Park estate.

Sarah Chase, Head of PR and Marketing for RURAL TV (Sky Channel 279, Freesat 403), and the organiser of the new London Branch commented, “The WFU chose to launch a London Branch in order to effectively bridge the rural-to-urban divide and to better inform and educate those in urban areas about farming, food, the countryside and the rural way of life.  Lady Sara Apsley has always been a respected and recognised voice for rural issues, which makes her the ideal spokeswoman for the WFU’s London Branch.”

“I am a passionate believer in the countryside, its traditions and all it has to offer,” added Lady Aspley.  “I firmly believe that the WFU will help to bridge the long-standing divide between town and country. There is huge room for improvement on both sides.  Whilst we live in a modern age with extraordinary technology and all its benefits – there is a real need for each section of our society to turn their backs on such conveniences and rely, once again, on the natural fruits of our land and our labours. I truly believe that the London WFU will play an integral role in bridging this knowledge gap with compassion and understanding – something that seems to be sadly lacking in this day and age.”




2 responses to “Women’s Food & Farming Union setting up London branch

  1. dear Monique, a very happy birthday next week to you, and well done on taking the initiative and offering to do the food buffet for the 12th March gathering….perfect!.

    I am going soon to be becoming a member of the club at Wotton House where Mary Evelyn (subject of my PhD research) lived in the 17th century. It would be nice to spend a morning there with you as my guest sometime this spring summer….relaxing in the lovely grounds, in the pool, having a coffee and catching up etc.

    Meantime good luck with preparations for the 12th March! Have you met Sarah the organiser yet?

    The venison with blueberries that I did for Alan on Sunday he loved! And I have discovered Morecambe Bay potted brown shrimps….on hot toast they make a wonderful little savoury dish! With heart shaped toast and a wedge of lemon on Valentines Day, for example, as a little appetiser dish!.

    love from Sarahx

    my Le Creuset has arrived!

    • Just to let you know there won’t be a “buffet” – just some sweet bites/coffee/tea… So, a chance to pop into town after the meeting for a spot of dinner. There is new Chinese restaurant in Lisle Street, Empress Sichuan, which is on my must-try list. Monique x

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