Miss out the menu planning: what’s cooking this week?

All Savvy Cook’s ready-to-cook meals are accompanied by very simple cooking instructions and a nutritional analysis.

So, no guess work when it comes to nutrition!

Miss out the menu planning, shopping and chopping – and sit down to a freshly prepared, delicious meal!


Honey roast chicken, lemon & rosemary potatoes, curly kale with horseradish


Mildly spiced lamb fillets, baked with bulghur wheat, cherry tomatoes, black olives and coriander


Vegetarian sausages with thyme roast vegetables, served with soft polenta


Rigatoni with Chianti baked beefsteak meatballs, rocket & Parmesan salad


Chermoula baked salmon, roast sweet pepper, lemon & mint couscous, served with green beans


2 responses to “Miss out the menu planning: what’s cooking this week?

  1. hi MOnique, your ideas for the week ahead sound v. good. I am cooking venison on Sunday, and did scallops last weekend! It is exciting I find to try new things sometimes. Do you have any good ideas for the lovely cod loin steaks I have, very chunky, from Marks and Spencer? Would you bake them in foil with lime and butter and breadcrumbs and lemon zest etc and a bit of parmesan, or some other way? Also, have you tried cooking with potted shrimps from Morecambe Bay shrimpery? They are wonderful with a pan fried fillet of plaice. love from Sarahx

    • Hi Sarah, Really good to hear about the meals you are cooking – it all sounds delicious. Can we have receive some pictures please: we want to be able to not only read about the meals but also see the food on the plate! Mussels are really good now too – and a lot cheaper than scallops – and like all seafood, contain lots of the immune boosting mineral zinc. I like “moules marinieres” best: simply steamed with some white wine + herbs or done the Norman way with cider + some creme fraiche. Count on 1kg of mussels per person if serving as a main course (with bread/frites, salad). Cod loin is a very fine piece of fish so I would treat it simply: perhaps brushed with some tapenade + sprinkled with breadcrumbs than baked in the oven for c10 mins @ 200C until just cooked through. Or brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with some finely chopped fresh rosemary + some lemon zest. Next time, why not try cod (or skate) knobs which are the cheeks of the fish: fabulous, chunky pieces of fish with a small bone in the centre, lovely braised gently in a tomato sauce with olives or wrapped with a sage leaf in Parma ham and then griddled. Most good fishmongers will either stock them or be able to order them for you. Bon appetit, Monique x

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