Rory’s baked apples

Rory's baked apples

Egremont russets and Coxes filled with quince meat and cinnamon, dotted with a little butter, splashed with apple juice and then baked in the oven at 200C for about 40 minutes.

Instead of the quince meat, you could use a mixture of dried fruits such as raisins, chopped apricots and currants. A few chopped walnuts or hazelnuts add a bit of crunch.

You could tell they were made with LOVE because these apples tasted delicious!

This was the first time Rory had seen, let alone used, an apple corer, but he proved a dab hand at removing the cores without butchering the apples.

We ate the baked apples with single cream that night, but custard (home made – it’s easy!), creme anglaise (“thin custard”) or fromage frais would all be equally nice.

Next time you fancy a warm pudding, but something vaguely healthy and not so calorific, give these a go.

Bon appetit!


4 responses to “Rory’s baked apples

  1. Wow, let Rory know, he’ll be so proud to show his Mum! Be great to get more kids involved in cooking – should be on the school curriculum!!

    • Could not agree more! Just noticed that the Food Standards Agency are offering their Cookit kits for free. Wonder why? Was the update that bad that they’ve got loads left or are they extending the campaign because it is so successful?

  2. Fantastic Rory and Monique!!Rory is now making our desert this evening, inspired by the excellent teaching of Monique and savvycook.

    Good food is the secret to a good life. Simples!

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