Dinner menu w/c 18th of January

Third week of January next week – time flies and that is just as well because I don’t think the dog days of January are anyone’s favourite.

At least the snow is disappearing and I for one am happy to see a bit of green again.

This week’s menu is full of delicious, immune boosting dishes made with fresh ingredients which naturally contain plenty of vitamins and minerals.

I do believe you need to eat well, even or maybe, particularly this time of the year when our systems need recharging and replenishing after the rich eating of the holiday season.

Every week we include a wide range of vegetables, pulses, grains and sources of (animal and vegetable) protein and the menu below is no different.


Italian baked fish with tomatoes, potatoes and olives, served with tenderstem  broccoli

All white fish is low in fat and a rich source of good quality protein as well minerals such as iodine and selenium whuich act as antioxidants in the body to help prevent cell damage. Olives provide another antioxidant, vitamin E, needed to keep your skin and heart healthy.


Baked lamb meatballs, roast vegetable couscous and minted yoghurt


Saltcod and sweet potato fishcakes with a red pepper sauce and watercress salad


Honey roast chicken, lemon & rosemary potatoes, curly kale with horseradish

Kale is a true seasonal powerhouse of a vegetable; I have written about kale before. Check out a previous blog entry if you would like to read more. Eat now when kale is at its best!


Chinese style noodles with stirfried chilli tofu, mangetout, shitake mushrooms and toasted sesame seeds

Mangetout, literally meaning “eat all”, are a good source of vitamin C. They contain more fibre than peas because the pods make an additional contribution. Tofu is high in protein and low in saturated fat. It is also rich in iron and B vitamins and a useful source of calcium. Mushrooms provide a range of B vitamins needed for our nerves to work well. Recent research shows them to be rich in an antioxidant called L-ergothioniene which is believed to be important for keeping our red bloodcells and liver healthy.

Bon appetit!


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