This week’s menu…

Now that the holiday season is well and truly over, everyone seems to be telling you to watch what you eat.

But don’t worry, healthy eating does not need to be a penance or a chore.

We have some lovely dishes this week, including a lighter version of your favourite baked pasta, cannelloni.

Ricotta and Parmesan are medium fat cheeses which provide plenty of protein and calcium, needed to build strong healthy bones. The tomates are an excellent source of vitamin C, beta-carotene and lycopene, all of which are antioxidants which can help keep your immune system healthy.  Cooking the tomatoes with a little olive oil means that that the lycopene is released from the tomato cells and more easily absorbed by the body. The pasta provides complex carbohydrates, needed for slow release energy.

Bon appetit!


Baked salmon fillets with an oat & mustard crust and chive creme fraiche , potatoes and beetroot salad


Greek style chicken fillets with a zesty Feta topping, rice & courgettes


Stirfried chilli tofu with sweet potato and broccoli in coconut noodle broth


Mildly spiced lamb fillets, baked with bulghur wheat, tomatoes, black olives and sweet peppers


Ricotta & spinach cannelloni with a chunky tomato sauce, watercress & Parmesan salad


2 responses to “This week’s menu…

  1. Yum yum, sounds a delicious well balanced menu – some lucky chap will no doubt be enjoying your food!

    • Thank you lucky chap! Mx

      Am going to publish this week’s menu every week from now – to help with the foodie credentials in support of the cooking classes.

      Will bring the dogs up as part of their pm walk + my trip to Sainsbury’s. cannot bear another 2 outings one after the other.


      SAVVYCOOK For a healthier, more delicious life! T: 020 8766 8241 W: Blog:

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