Savvy Cook Christmas 2009

Here it is, the long awaited Savvy Cook Christmas 2009 range!

Thank to you everyone who told us how we could make your Christmas easier and more delicious.

We have created eye-catching and delicious cakes to help you celebrate in style, plus a range of time-saving desserts and edible gifts which make gratefully received presents for time-poor hosts.

All cakes are lovingly baked to order using only natural ingredients: organic free-range eggs, natural butter and fairtrade sugar.

This autumn, we have made the most of the very short quince season. 

Savvy Cook’s quince meat is a fragrant twist on traditional mince meat and made with butter roasted quinces alongside dried vinefruits and French brandy.

Stocks of quince meat are limited, so to avoid disappointment make sure you place your order for our scrumptious quince pies and Kilner jars of quince meat soon.

 Delicious cakes

 Snow topped spice cake

This fruitless, light and aromatic cake is the perfect replacement for the traditional Christmas cake. The sparkly, wintry blanket of royal icing covers a dark gingerbread spiciness and makes it a stylish, modern centre piece.

Serves 10-12 £22

Inside the snow topped spice cake....









Snow topped spice cake









Christmas cupcakes

These beauties make a lovely alternative to mince pies! The cake underneath the icing is a chocolately gingerbread.

Each £ 2.50

Christmas cupcakes

Christmas muffins

The essence of Christmas! Flavoured with cinnamon and freshly grated orange zest and full of crunchy cranberries. Eat as they are or spread with butter and marmelade

Each £1.50 bag of 6 £7.95

Christmas muffins

Christmas muffin full of cranberries








 Quince pies

A thin all butter shortcrust shell covered with quince meat and an almondy topping: in my opinion a much better ratio of interesting filling to pastry than the traditional mince pie (which can be a bit of “sandy” mouthful).

Each £1  or gift box of 6 £6.50 or bag of “baker’s dozen” 13 for £12

Quince pies

 Time saving desserts

(Equally at home with a cup of coffee or pot of tea…)

Almond & orange cake

A “plain” looking cake, but looks can be deceptive! Dairy & wheat free, but deliciously moist and fragrant. Serve with berries or a berry compote and Greek yoghurt or cream for a stunning dessert.

Serves 6 – 8 £15

Cranberry upside down cake

Christmas in a cake: all glowing, berried redness with a hint of cinnamon! Serve cold, or warm for 60 seconds in the microwave and serve with creme fraiche.

Serves 6-8 £15

Cranberry upside down cake

Chocolate & chestnut cake

A seriously elegant pudding! Deeply chocolately and not too sweet.

Serves 8-10 £ 20

 Edible gifts

Spiced Christmas stars

Give your tree some style with these edible, royal iced gingerbread stars!

Each £ 1.50 or gift bag of 6 £ 8.95

Spiced Christmas stars cooling off



Love your tree!








Dark chocolate & cranberry brownies

Deeply chocolately, dark, dense and gooey.

Tray of 12-16 pieces £24

Quince meat

Savvy Cook’s amazingly fragrant mince meat. Made with butter roasted quinces and vegetable suet. Perfect for spicing up baked apples and good quality vanilla ice cream. Presented in a re-usable new style Kilner jar.

500g £ 6.95

Quince meat

Christmas Survival Kit

Snow topped spice cake, 3 spiced Christmas stars and 4 Christmas cupcakes


Order hot mail or mobile 07711203035.

Last orders Tuesday 15 December.

Free delivery for orders of £25 or more to  SE10, SE19, SE21, SE22, SE24, SE26, SE27, E14 and BR1

If you live outside these areas or have a special request, please get in touch and we will try to help.

Here’s to a delicious Christmas!


11 responses to “Savvy Cook Christmas 2009

  1. Yum yum, really like the quince pies and cannot wait to get tucked into the snow topped spice cake – when will we see you on TV?!!

  2. Thankyou for the delicious cakes, the ginger stars were my personal favourite!! Roll on the next delivery!!

  3. Wow, Monique, what a creative feast of things you have baked for this Christmas season! Well done you, and I hope they prove very popular. We have just returned from lovely trip visiting Miranda and family in Plymouth….I know those spiced stars would go down very well with our niece and nephew! wishing you a lovely season of Advent, love Sarahx

    • Glad to hear you like the look of this year’s x-mas offer and that the stars have child appeal. Savvy Cook does not quite stretch to Plymouth yet, but am happy to share the recipe with Miranda. Great opp to get creative with the kids! M

  4. charles and Helen

    Snow topped spice cake delicious. Lovely sharp sweet icing topping contrasts with light moist gingery cake. The other caes and pies look interesting.

    Ginger, chocolate, lemon are (my) favourite flavours. Another criterion is moistness. !

    Thanks for the cakes!

    I like the web site design.

    Back from Toronto where I was made very welcome by Luke, Bonnie, Ethan (aged 0ne).

  5. charles and Helen

    Helen enjoyed the quince pies. We have mixture for use in baked apples. Thanks


  6. Savvy Cook’s quince pies are quite simply delicious, how will I ever be able to return to eating humdrum mince pies again?

  7. Love the quince mince pies, such an original idea and a delicious take on what has become rather a cliche – I really like the frangipane topping too.
    Am definitely ordering some.

  8. a very happy New Year to you both, and congrats on all the positive ways forward you have created with Savvy Kids this year, Monique. All good things to you both in 2010, love from Sarah and Alan.

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