Savvy Kids: what pupils said…

Food Passport

First round of feedback received from teachers and pupils on the Savvy Kids food & lifestyle programme.

Really great to hear that kids enjoyed the sessions and learned a thing or two in the process.

One class even used the Food Passport for a science topic!

These are some of the things kids have told us about the sessions which took place in the classroom.

‘I thought that the Savvy Kid’s lessons were great because they were enjoyable, fun and interesting’ – Danielle

‘The best thing in Savvy Kids was tasting all the different foods and I hated some food, but at the end of the day I liked some of them’ – Ciaran

‘I enjoyed tasking all the different foods and I really enjoyed it all’ – Ciara

‘The best part is when we ate the food and did the experiments about food.’ – George

‘I enjoyed it. My favourite task was when we got to see how much we ate of each food group over the week.’ – Keira

‘I enjoyed Savvy Kids because we got to taste new foods that I had never tasted before’ – Lauren
Onwards and upwards from here, but first we need to get the Savvy Kids certificates in the post: these pupils now know good food when they see it!

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