Dog’s dinner chez nous

Hound 1

Hound 1

Hound 2

Hound 2

The saying “you are what you eat” is as true for dogs as it is for humans. A good diet keeps a dog healthy and energetic. A poor diet or one that contains the wrong ingredients can make dogs agitated, aggressive and hyperactive as well as fundamentally undernourished.

I take a lot of trouble over the food I give our two hounds.

Along with a natural, high quality dry dog food, I feed them cooked chicken (poached whole + broth reserved), beef (stewed) lambs liver, pasta, rice, couscous, bulghur wheat, vegetables, a small amount of cooked pulses and the occasional egg and tin of sardines.

While I accept that this may be a little more effort than most people are prepared to make, I believe that at least it ensures that I give my dogs the best food I can.

It really is not much hassle: I simply cook a little extra of what we eat where vegetables, rice etc. are concerned and store this in plastic containers ready to be used when needed.

This is what they ate this week so far:

Thursday: stewed beef, curly kale and a few potatoes mashed with olive oil

Wednesday: poached chicken, rice and a chopped tomato

Tuesday: poached chicken, kidney beans

Monday: lambs liver, macaroni, broccoli

Sunday: poached chicken, butternut squash mashed with a little olive oil

Every other day I add a tablespoon of ground linseeds, rich in omega oils,  to their meals and when one of them has been unwell or recovering from an injury I supplement their meals with a multivitamin powder.

Some people say that dogs don’t mind eating the same meal day in day out, but I couldn’t disagree more. Eating the meal that is put in front of them is not the same as your dog enjoying his meal or it actually doing him good.

Also, if you consign your dog to a monotous diet you deprive him of the sensory pleasure and exploration.

Treats? Rawhide chews, strips of dried tripe and dried bulls pizzles + the odd marrow bone. Definitely no cooked chicken or lamb bones which can splinter in a dogs intestines and no human snacks.

There you have it!

Two happy, healthy and slim hounds.



2 responses to “Dog’s dinner chez nous

  1. I couldn’t agree more. One of you humans said, “Variety is the spice of life.” Well, viva variety. My human fixes me 4 meals a week that are nutricious and yummy. I get a lean beef dish twice a week with mac and cheese (light on the cheese) and I get a boneless chicken breast with rice and beans the other 2 times. They supplement my dry food which is 1st rate, but 7 times a week? No way!

    • Glad you agree, Sandy! You look happy + in good shape. We hounds know we are pampered, but our human is happy to cook for us and we do love our meals.

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