Be sensible with portion sizes

The Savvy Kids session earlier this week brought it home to me again that many people are unsure about portion sizes.

If we, the adults, don’t know what chance have children got?

Today’s portion sizes are up to five times bigger than 30 years ago! Shocking but true.

If you want to maintain a healthy weight, get to grips with portion sizes by weighing rice, cereals and pasta rather than pouring straight from the packet.

Keeping the right balance of foods can help too: fruit & veg and starchy foods such as bread, potatoes and grains should each form about a third of your daily intake, with around 12% for fish, meat, eggs and other sources of protein, 12% for dairy products and just 9% for sugar and fats.

We discussed the concept of “treats” with pupils at length: that a treat should be just that – an occasional indulgence in small quantities.

So that bag of crips (or chocolate bar) which is now often routinely eaten by many adults and kids alike with a lunchtime sandwich, are high in fat (and sugar) and firmly belong in the “treat” category.

When I was growing up a treat was still a treat: cakes, fizzy drinks and crisps were confined to the weekend and special occasions; Mum would bake a tray of biscuits and one cake or fruit tart on a Friday which would be enjoyed by the family and visitors, but come Monday it was back to yoghurt or fruit for dessert and no snacks in between meals.

It does seem austere now, but it wasn’t and it isn’t!



One response to “Be sensible with portion sizes

  1. I think you will enjoy the recently published GROWN IN BRITAIN cookbook, Monique. In November we are eating chestnuts and swedes and parsnips and red mullet and winter squash (have you heard about the wonderful festival of pumpkins at Slindon in Sussex, where a farmer decorates the roof of his barn with wonderful patterns of a huge variety of squash and pumpkins?) and partridge and pears. Early winter loveliness! love from Sarah

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