Wild damsons

Found this one (!) damson tree in a nearby wood a few weeks ago.

I had been deliberating whether or not to pick the fruit – would it be safe to eat? I took the plunge whilst J & J were staying with us.

J and I both ate one damson each – they taste horribly tart, almost bitter when raw – and we lived to tell the tale.

So on with the prep: I washed the fruit and did not bother to take out the stones – too fiddly.

Drizzled over some honey and gently stewed for about 5 minutes; then pushed the mixture through a passe-vite to get rid of the stones.

The compote is nothing like the raw fruit, tart but aromatic, and a great addition to fruit cobblers (made one with Dorking Bramleys + damson last night) and crumbles, fromage frais for a healthy pud or breakfast sprinkled with muesli and some toasted seeds.

And I like the fact that they are “wild”. It’s a pity there were not really enough damsons to also make some jam – I would have enjoyed that.

This morning, I used a few spoonfuls of damson compote + 1 ripe banana + 2 tbsp of oatmeal + 1 tbsp of mixed seeds + 3 tbsp of live yoghurt to whizz up a very tasty and prettily lilac smoothie.

Just the thing, with an espresso chaser, to set me up for an hour of Pilates.

Innocent: watch this space!



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