French: foodies or not?

Proper beef tomatoes

Proper beef tomatoes

Bunches of freshly picked radishes

Bunches of freshly picked radishes

It struck me whilst browsing the Saturday morning market in Honfleur last weekend that the “foodie” is a British (and perhaps American) phenomenon.

In France, everyone, or no one, is a foodie!

Food shopping, preparing and eating food is much more part of everyday live; it is not the same as a “pilgrimage” to the monthly local farmers’ market or a visit to Whole Foods Market.

There were real people, of all social backgrounds, buying real, seasonal food, to be prepared and eaten later that day.

I noticed at the cheese + egg stall that shoppers brought along their own empty egg cartons and I remembered my mother doing this.

 Talking about “foodie”: the hosts at the enchanting B & B where we stayed had learned a thing or two about making the most of British (and American) “foodie-ness”: they were offering home made jams at 7 Euro a jar – and selling them!

In case you were wondering: no I did not buy.



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