Pointless dew claws

One of our dogs cracked a dew claw again today.

These pointless nails are the ones that just hang down from the side of a dog’s front (and sometime also back) legs and are really accident prone.

Both our dogs have ripped theirs on more than one occasion: a really horrible thing with the broken nail just dangling there with a bleeding nail bed and the ripped nail getting caught in things.

This time round we have decided with the vet to have both nails removed once and for all.

To clip the damaged nail would require an anaesthetic so why not take the opportunity to sort the problem at the root so to speak.

Poor Keane, another lot of stitches and bandages which will bring back memories of his horrible accident in March.

Nurse will prepare some extra tasty stewing steak to cheer the patient up tomorrow evening!


Glum looking Keane

Glum looking Keane

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