Feast of Strangers – an afternoon of conversation

This event caught my eye.

It sounds such a civilised and perfect way to spend a nice summer afternoon whilst (hopefully) meeting interesting new people.

Saturday the 22nd is the birthday party of Theodore Zeldin, author of An Intimate History of Humanity, and the event is open to everyone.

You will be introduced to someone you do not know and will be offered a Menu of Conversation, like a restaurant menu, with 25 topics of conversation to choose from.

It will be held at the Treehouse Gallery in Regents Park (http://www.thetreehousegallery.org) and will be running between 2.30-6.30pm and will be followed by evening performances.

If you can join us please reserve a place by emailing rsvp@limina.org.uk

Bring a rug and refreshments for yourself or to share, or you can pre-order a picnic spread of dips, meats or salads by emailing the above address. 

Please pass the invitation on to friends, family and colleagues and perhaps see you there (I’ll be the one sharing plum cakes). 


2 responses to “Feast of Strangers – an afternoon of conversation

  1. hi Monique, I hope you enjoyed the picnic on Saturday afternoon. Isn’t the weather lovely! Plum season in final days…a local friend turned our plums into jam and won the gold medal at the Dorking Horticultural Society Produce Show with it, so we are tickled pink! It looks beautiful in the jars. I wish you a nice week ahead, love from Sarahx

    • Congratulations on your Victoria plums winning best (jam) in show! I hope you have asked for a couple of jars of the prize winning stuff. Mx

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