Plums, plums and more delicious plums

Plums, plums and more plums

Plums, plums and more plums

I am writing this with yellow stained fingers and nails – not a pretty sight but unavoidable having “processed” close to 10kg of beautifully fragrant and prettily scarlet Victoria plums.

So far, they have been turned into:

plum crumble, plum & oatmeal cake (a great recipe from Waitrose’s archive – having left out the sugar icing glaze which I am not keen on), baked plums with rosemary and molasses sugar, plum compote.

The odd pound has also found its way to appreciative friends and neighbours.

And I’ve got a large bowl with perfect specimens on my desk to stare at and snack from at will.

Watch this space for easy, sesaonal plummy recipes…


4 responses to “Plums, plums and more delicious plums

  1. we’re so glad you’re enjoying the plums, Monique! We are continuing to distribute a seemingly never-ending supply amongst our friends and neighbours locally down here near Dorking. love from Sarah and Alan.

    • I am all plummed-out, so can only wonder how you + Alan must feel! We received a jar of deliciously tangy home made marmelade in return for some plums + plum cake – fair exchange, I think. Looking forward to all things appley now. Monique x

  2. exchanges of goods that way are very satisfying, yes, we agree! Today we drove round trays of plums to friends, and were given in exchange freshly picked runner beans by one lady, and a book on the history of the farms in our area by somebody else!. It is a shame we don’t live close enough to you to be able to taste the cakes you have made with the fruit.

    I am now focussing my mind on the courgette crop! love from Sarah.

    • You have reminded me: I have a delicious recipe for a savoury courgette cake…must dig it out and make the most of the abundance of courgettes. Kee an eye on Savvy Cook’s blog: I will include the recipe when I find it. Monique x

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