Free fruit

I picked a load of blackberries over the weekend whilst out walking our dogs; they could not understand why they had to wait for me every couple of metres when I spotted another blackberries bush full of lush berries.

Why are so few people picking this seasonal treat? You’d expect Mums & Dads to be out there with their offspring gathering free fruit to make into smoothies, muffins, compote and jam.

It’s such a lovely + simple thing to do: it’s free, the fruit somehow tastes better than the shop-bought variety and it brings back (or creates) childhood memories.

I used some of the berries to make a delicious breakfast smoothie with bio live yoghurt, a banana, a few spoonfuls of oatmeal and Savvy Cook’s own seed mixture (broken golden + brown linseed, pumpkin and sunflower seeds).

Pre and probiotics (from the banana and yoghurt) + useful amounts of fibre, vit C and zinc in a glass!

And the colour is amazing too, a vivid purple – what’s not to like?

I often make a smootie before exercise when I want something to line my stomach + to give me slow release energy, but don’t want anything too bulky.

You can make the smoothie with other fruits too, but I find that adding a banana adds delicious creaminess and sweetness.

If you can’t find oatmeal try using porridge oats – the result is a bit coarser but equally nice.



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