The Big Treat

When did you last give yourself a treat?

What did you do?

And how did you feel afterwards?

I may have told you that I set up a Health Think Tank with 2 other people a couple of months ago.

We had another meeting  recently where we were joined by like minded, enthusiastic creatives who want to share the message of good (physical and mental) health with the wider world.

Our first project will be a “campaign” (I am using this word cautiously because I think it smacks of negative things and militants – which is not what we are not about) called The Big Treat.

The idea is to encourage people to look after themselves, to be “selfish” and reward + treat (in both meanings of the word) themselves by doing something positive.

I will tell you more about the mechanics of the “movement” (surely that is a much nicer word?) and how you can get involved.

For now you can help us by answering the above question and letting me have your suggestion via the blog or at .

I am offering a week worth of cakes for the most imaginative idea!

Enjoy the weekend when it comes round…..


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