Wind & Savvy meet in Rotterdam and the marshmellow experiment

Who is a Savvy cook?

Who is a Savvy cook?

Last week Wednesday found Savvy Cook in sunny Rotterdam for a meeting with Pierre Wind.

Pierre is a well known TV Chef, creator,  teacher, author, founder of the “Week van de Smaak” and human tornado! A self-confessed workaholic, Pierre’s life revolves around enthusing others about good food.

To find out more about Pierre and “De Week van de Smaak” (= annual national taste festival taking place in September this year) visit Piere’s website or check out to see Pierre in action.

Pierre and I met to discuss the importance of teaching children about good food – and both firmly believe that not be educated about food adversely affects a person’s quality of life.

I have always suspected that how a child behaves around food – greed, timidity, sharing, patience – reflects how this child generally behaves in life. A report, due to be published today, confirms this.

Researchers claim that self-control, patience and being able to defer gratification are critical in succeeding in life and should be taught in schools. The report’s findings echo renewed interest in America in the marshmallow experiment of the late 1960’s conducted by Walter Mischel, which linked children’s self-control with educational achievement in later life.

I believe that unless schools deliver on this, society is not going to tackle bigger social issues.

Savvy Cook leaves you with this thought, have a good week!



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