Tough times call for tasty treats!

Cupcake illustration

Why deprive yourself of one of life’s small pleasures just when you need cheering up? In these chastened times, a little of what you fancy really can do you good.

This thought was the seed for Savvy Cook’s cake service. 

We have been baking cakes for a quite a while now: from fat-free fruit loaves packed with tea-soaked vine fruits, to banana + walnut muffins, oat cookies, seed bars and sticky ginger bread.

Part of the fun has been experimenting with different ingredients such as seeds, fruit sugar, date syrup and the huge range of flours  other than wheat such as gram (chickpea), barley and rice.

With tasty results, if the feedback from friends, family and Savvy Cook clients and suppliers is anything to go by; we even delivered some energy bars to a certain West London premiership football team who went on to win the game that night…..can’t say fairer than that!

I think it proved that people do like to indulge now and again; and that by using really good quality, natural ingredients and strong flavours that maximise taste, our cakes really tickle the taste buds.

Soapy, synthetic tasting, factory produced cakes simply won’t do  when you a fancy a sweet treat and they will have you reaching for the biscuit tin in no time! 

Anyway, to cut a long story short Savvy Cook is launching a cake service next week.

Every Friday I will write here what is baking next week.

The plan is to offer two different cakes every week, one of which will be a healthier option. You place your order by noon the following Wednesday latest and your deliciously satisfying, freshly baked cakes, beautifully wrapped are delivered to your office or home the following Friday.

It goes without saying that we are very discerning about what goes into products; our cakes are baked with the same loving care that goes into our Savvy meals.

So that means that we only use real butter, free-range eggs and Fairtrade sugar.

I will shortly explain the “rules” of the game, so to speak: the boring stuff about delivery, payment terms etc.

In the meantime, I have got some prettily pink rhubarb waiting to be turned into a rhubarb polenta cake…… (with thanks to the original domestic Goddess, Nigella Lawson, whose baking recipes are a rich source of inspiration and second to none!).

I know who will be the lucky recipients.

Till the next time,


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