Through thick and thin

Those of you who have been reading the weekend papers will be aware that it is London Fashion Week this week: the circus that is fab frocks and (some famished) models has moved from New York to London for one frantic week.

I love fashion as much as the next girl, but not enough to write about it.

What I do want to talk about is food and the fact that London Fashion Week coincides with Eating Disorder Awareness Week, which runs from today (23rd) to the 28th of Feb.

Here at Savvy Cook we love eating good food and try and share some of that passion and knowlegde with our clients. One of the founding principles of the service was to show people that eating nutritious fresh food can be easy and delicious as well as life enhancing – and that is still applies today.

Looking after your wellbeing and giving your body the fuel it needs is a vital part of being healthy.

Unfortunately, for some people this may all be well and good but they have been caught up in a vicious circle of what the professionals call “disordered” eating: eating too little, too much, all or some of the time which is seriously affecting their health and ability to make the most of life.

I can imaging that it must take an awful lot of courage to talk to someone if you find yourself in this situation.

To help people take the first step in finding help and support, Weight Matters are offering free consultations throughout the whole of Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

They can be contacted in confidence on 020 7499 8922, or e-mail

Later this week I will share with your my personal top 10 super foods: the things I love eating which also happen to be delicious (I think so anyway) and incredibly good for you.

Have good week,


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